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Sahara 50 professional delivery oven is the most performing delivery oven in the world. It is the result of 20 years of experience in the food delivery service and it is the tool to professionally deliver any type of food to your customer’s home or office threshold.
Sahara 50 professional delivery oven is the answer you have been looking for to make your delivery business successful and your customers fully satisfied. Same if you are thinking to transform your restaurant or pizzeria in a food or pizza delivery business.
Ever wondered why some customers order one time and disappear after that? The answer is in our next question to you: would you order a second time if your idea of a great meal at home ended in the garbage because your fried food was swimming in oil and the hamburger was horribly cold?
We can guess and imagine what your answer is …..and you are right!
If you want to stop loosing customers try to avoid delivering your food with stirofoam boxes, thermic bags, low quality heating storage systems or whatever else is out there that has never worked.
Sahara 50 professional delivery oven technology comprises high temperatures silicon heating elements digitally controlled, double chamber technology and air flows systems. This technology combined, results in a new spectacular delivery experience and ensures that any type of food remains warm and at the right degree of humidity and crispness regardless of the type of kitchen your company is delivering.
100% electrically powered, Sahara professional delivery oven, runs for several hours depending upon the power of the a 3.3KW ion-lithium battery. It will allow you to deliver hot food and pizzas over long distances, keeping the highest taste and quality.
Sahara 50 professional delivery oven will save you money by allowing your business to take care of more deliveries at one time. You can load up to 48 pizzas (or any other type of food up to 245 liters) and deliver in sequence, guaranteeing to all your customers hot and crispy pizzas or a superb mixed fried fish with burger!
Sahara 50 professional delivery oven opens the door to a successful delivery experience.

Compatibility confirmed car list: Mitsubishi MiEV, Mitsubishi Space-Star, Fiat Panda, Fiat Punto, Renault Zoe, Renault Mii, Skoda CitiGo, Suzuki Ignis, Toyota Aygo, Dacia Sondero, Ford Ka and many more.

  • Volume: 245 Lt
  • Capacity: 7 pizzas 50x50x5 or 40 pizzas 33x33x3 + 8 pizza calzone
  • Pre-heating: 240V 1.4KW
  • Battery Life: 3.3KW: 4/5*
  • Weight: 75Kg
  • Operating Temperatures:
    Default 120 C in 240V – can be rised upon specific request
    Default 90 C in 48/60V – can be rised upon specific request
  • External measures: 926x715x728
  • Materials used: stainless steel + wood
  • Digital control: YES